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If you have been looking into security systems for your business, our Internet-based, streaming video surveillance solutions are the cost-effective, state-of-the-art answer. Many organizations want to shore up the safety and security of their employees, visitors and students, as well as their premises and assets. Today’s businesses are seeking innovative, affordable options that deliver a rapid and appropriate response to crimes or emergencies that may arise. For years, organizations installed closed circuit TV (CCTV) systems almost exclusively for security monitoring. CCTV, though, has many shortcomings. In addition to its high expense and disruptive installation process, once in place, its capabilities are limited. CCTV records images on videocassettes, preventing police and other emergency personnel from viewing the event as it happens. Therefore, they often don’t know an emergency is occurring or how serious it is. If and when they are informed of an emergency, it is a challenge for these first responders to understand the circumstances or context of the event, as they see the it only after viewing the video, which is usually long after the emergency is over.

Simply put, IP surveillance uses a company’s existing network and Internet technology to transmit images from analog and/or IP cameras over public networks. These systems record and allow live streaming video and still image transfer (both one-way and two-way) at an average of 30 frames per second into a standard, easy-to-use Web browser, so video can be viewed in real time from police cars and other emergency vehicles.

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IP-based systems deliver a great deal of additional functionality. For instance, they provide motion detection, automatic time and date stamps, easy transfer of visuals, and pre- and post-alarm messaging. Business owners are notified immediately as an event is occurring, allowing them to log on to the system remotely to see what’s happening at the monitored location. Want to learn more?

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