Outbound email filtering

Add value to your business with trusted outgoing email

Your reputation among colleagues, clients and partners means everything – so why take the risk of accidentally sending out viruses, harmful content and damaging attachments to the people who count on your business each and every day? With Email Outbound Filtering from Corona IT Solutions, you get the confidence of knowing that the information leaving your corporate network is clean and clear before it ever leaves your business, allowing you to preserve your organization’s brand and reputation. Email Outbound Filtering from Corona IT Solutions includes these valuable features and benefits:
  • Content filter – reduce legal liability and corporate sabotage by preventing the distribution of sensitive data
  • Attachment filtering – monitor and strip oversized or malicious attachments that can rapidly overload your servers
  • Notifications – customizable notifications and templates for senders and receivers
  • Group subscriptions – assign groups of user accounts to policy sets
  • Outbound disclaimer – Ensure email compliance for all outbound messages
  • Anti-virus – Ensure that viruses and worms are automatically stripped from outgoing messages
Outbound Filtering services from Corona IT Solutions is a scalable, reliable and secure solution that’s easy to implement and requires no setup fees, upfront hardware or software investments.

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