Message continuity

Protect your business, no matter what comes your way.

If your business is subject to a natural disaster, malicious online threat or other unpredictable event, you could be out of business in a matter of seconds. The resulting downtime could derail communications, jeopardize business opportunities and cost you money. Luckily, Corona IT Solutions has you covered. Message Continuity from Corona IT Solutions delivers a comprehensive and fully automated data recovery solution that enables Web-based email access, management and usage during planned or unplanned outages – meaning you’ll never lose another email due to server downtime. When your email goes down, Messaging Continuity from Corona IT Solutions will:
  • Provide 60 rolling days of storage should your server be offline for any extended period of time
  • Automatically engage in the event an outage is detected, providing email access during an outage
  • Give access to email received during an outage via a secure Web interface with full functionality including options to Read, Compose, Reply, Forward and Delete
When your email service is restored, Message Continuity from Corona IT Solutions will:
  • Synchronize an accurate record of all outage-period message activity with your email server(s)
  • Provide post-outage synchronization of your email activity
  • Deliver automatic outage notifications and system updates
Message Continuity from Corona IT Solutions is a scalable, reliable and secure solution that’s easy to implement and requires no setup fees, upfront hardware or software investments.

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