Core filtering

Solve every email problem with one simple solution

With fully-managed Core Filtering services from Corona IT Solutions, you get a comprehensive email security solution that’s simple to set up and will keep your network clean and working by wiping out more than 99% of harmful threats before they ever even reach your network. Using multi-layered Stacked Classification Framework technology, our Core Filtering ensures your business is protected from spam, viruses, worms, harmful content and other system intrusions – so you can rest easy knowing you’re safe from a wide range of email threats that could literally put you out of business. Core Filtering from Corona IT Solutions protects your most critical assets with these security features:
  • Spam Blocking – Protect your business from the costs and headaches associated with unwanted and unsolicited emails.
  • Virus and Worm Scanning – Block both known and unknown viruses, worms, and blended threats with safe external filtering and customizable quarantine management options.
  • Fraud Protection – Secure your organization against email fraud, phishing and pharming scams, keeping business-critical and personal employee information safe.
  • Content and Attachment Filtering – Eliminate threats that may be stealthily embedded in email content and attached to your inbound messages.
  • Email Attack Protection – Protect your company against the ever increasingly clever attempts by spammers to bypass typical filtering in order to capture information about you and your staff.
  • Email Outbound Filtering – Ensure proper delivery of corporate email and protect the security of sensitive information.
  • Built-in Disaster Recovery Layer – Never worry about losing emails in the event of server connectivity failure.
  • Security – Simplify sending and receiving email over a secure, end-to-end encrypted tunnel.
  • Management – Manage company-wide filtering policies, access and analyze valuable reporting data and more via our Web-based administration console.
Core Filtering from Corona IT Solutions is a scalable, reliable and secure solution that’s easy to implement and requires no setup fees, upfront hardware or software investments.

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